Hooks: Actions and Filters

WhereUsed has hooks that will allow you to modify or interact with the logic of the plugin using your own custom code.

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  • None


  • WhereUsed/detected_block – v1.0.0: Deprecated in version 1.1.0. Allows 3rd-parties to remove or modify discovered blocks before they are added as references. Use whereused_scan_block.
  • Whereused/ignored_blocks – v1.0.0: Deprecated in version 1.1.0. Use whereused_ignored_blocks.
  • whereused_ignored_blocks – v1.1.0: Specify a specific block to not detect during a scan
  • whereused_save_term_scan – v1.0.4: Prevent a specific term from being rescanned after a term is saved
  • whereused_scan_block – v1.1.0: Allows 3rd-party code to interact with the scan of a block to detect references of custom blocks or do other modifications
  • whereused_scan_meta – v1.1.0: Intercept custom fields (post meta) and associate the meta value as a reference.
  • whereused_user_access_capability – v1.0.0: Modifies the minimum user capabilities to access the plugin’s admin pages

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